I have moved again

Hi guys,

So guess what…I've moved house again. There was something (possibly the smell of damp) that just didn't make my last place feel like home. I tried my hardest to make it homely, I brought every candle going, every positve quote picture, decked Joshua's room and with pirate everything but it just wasn't changing how I felt about it and so I gave up trying and starting searching Rightmove once again for somewhere Joshua and I could call home. And I found it... We have been here over a month now and it already feels a million times better than our last place. There is still a lot that needs doing but I've got the cutest garden for Joshua and he's happy and ultimately thats all that matters. Joshua is now on his 7th bedroom so I now vow not to move any more, not until I buy my very first property.

As you may have also noticed from my social media, I have gone a bit SilkFred crazy, this is because I have now started working for them full time and I am loving in. Over a year ago I started modelling some of their stock for them, which then lead to a shoot once a week, which slowly lead to twice a week, which then lead to recording the odd YouTube video for them, which then lead to being the face of the brand for their YouTube channel and eventually it made sense to me and the team to get myself a desk and move in as it were. Finally at the age of 31 I am in a great place with work, I have a routine which works much better for Joshua and the school runs and I am very happy.

So of course SilkFred will be featuring a lot on my instagram and blog and please go follow the youtube channel as I've already filmed so many videos including some amazing location shoots.

I'm throwing myself into work and Joshua and I will definitely be blogging more!! I'm back!!


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