Weekend in St Tropez

I visited St Tropez a few weekends ago for my friends Hen Do and my goodness what an amazing place! I had never been before and did have high expectations but it exceeded them for definite! We all met at the airport at 8am dressing our Hen in a slighty rude outfit, (a naked granny with all the bits on show) She was such a good sport though and in fact kept it on until we arrived at our Villa. I was a little out of the party spirit and by this I mean not going in on the tequila shots at 8.30am in the morning, I just knew I had to pace myself and shots that early would end in me not making it through the day, I can't handle my drink that well! We arrived at our amazing Villa right on the port and after a quick change went out for lunch. We spent the rest of the weekend at Nikki beach club and Bagatelle beach cub which was my personal fave ,a nice restaurant and beach bar and at 4pm they wack the music up and with what seems like one swift move all the table clothes are gone and everyone is up dancing on tables, the atmosphere was so great and after this we went out on a boat to watch the sunset, what a perfect end! I had such a great weekend but couldn't wait to get home to Joshua.

Naomi x


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