House makeover

It’s coming to the end of what has been a rubbish year for me and as i was starting to feel better about all the elements in my life I decided it was the perfect time for a makeover. In the house and in life in general.

I am currently working on two rooms, Joshua’s and the living room. Joshua will be 6 soon so and have moved away from the pirate obsession and is moving onto Avengers so I decided to give his room a superhero makeover. While he was away for the weekend I set to work on sorting through all his old toys, which I could never do if he was home. I was ruthless and filled 8 black sacks to get rid of, this included 1000’s of kinder eggs type annoying bits he would never even know were missing. I have got a big superhero canvas for his wall, new bedding, cleared out under his bed which has given him a play den. He was so excited to see it when he came home. Now let’s see how long we can keep it tidy for!

I have also been adding the finishing touches to my Living Room and I absolutely love the end result. The only thing left to do is the flooring which is here and ready to be fixed. It has a grey theme with a hint of yellow. I got a new dining table, chairs, sofa and TV unit which have really transformed the room.

I can’t remember a time where I felt happier or more settled.


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