Paris in a day

Last week me and two of my besties headed to Paris for the day, not to sight see but to take pictures of me haha! It's handy that my best friends have talents so Carly took the photos and Leanna did my hair and make up! We met at the Eurostar nice and early Saturday morning croissant in hand ready to head to Paris.

Once we were seated the transformation began. Leanna set up her make up on the table and I used the laptop plug to curl my hair, sneakily tying to spray my hair without offending the other passengers! Once my hair was set Leanna started on my face, what a talent to be able to do the perfect face on a Moving train!

Once we arrived we jumped straight on the metro and headed to the Eiffel Tower, which was meant to be the first stop of 4. We decided to sit down and eat before we began shooting and I realised how beautiful Paris is, I've been a few times but this time I really took in the beauty I fell in love with the City. Anyway on to what we were actually there for...I had a quick change in the toilet of the restaurant and then the shooting began. At first I felt a bit nervous as we were in such a busy place with so many people staring I felt a bit stupid but I soon got into the flow of the shoot I really loved it! We made our way towards the Eiffel Tower and set up on a bench a little off the main street and used this as our base to return to to get changed, be it getting changed in public it was better 20 people seeing than 200 haha!

We managed to get some amazing pictures. It before we knew it we had to leave and didn't get to any other locations that we really wanted to visit. However for our time spent there we had an amazing day and got some great shots, so be prepared for lots of photos on my social media with the Eiffel Tower as the back drop.



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