Christmas at Marsh Farm

I've made it very clear that Joshua and myself had the best Christmas ever and one of our highlights was visiting Marsh Farm to meet the main man himself, Father Christmas!

This wasn't any usual visit it was a 4 hour experience and what an amazing one it was. Joshua and myself were joined by my mum, my sister her fiancé and her 10 month old son Harry. All eager and excited we congregated in the main area ready to start our experience, we were greeted by Santas elves which were very excitable, even I believed they were real, they didn't drop out of character once!

Our first port of call was elf school where we learnt some of the elves language and had some audience participation which in a fact I didn't think twice about joining in, Christmas brings out the fun side in me, usually I'm hiding at the back trying not to get noticed!

We then moved on to my favourite part where we met a really cool saxophone playing elf and got caught up in some snow, the kids absolutely loved it, they joined in some music then brought on the snow! All the kids loved dancing and getting covering in the snow (which was in fact bubbles) it took me back to my foam party days haha! That was by far the best moment seeing the look on Joshua's face was just priceless knowing that he couldn't be happier in that moment.

Our next adventure took us to Mrs Clause to make some gingerbread men and Joshua rushed off to the front so engaged with Mrs Clause, so In awe of what was going on. The magic of Christmas is really brought alive with children and it's most definitely my favourite time of year!

Finally we went into the waiting room to meet santa, the reason we were all here to tell santa what to bring down the chimney, or in our case through the back door with the magic key! went into some kind of weird trance just staring at santa listening so carefully to every word answering ever so quiet, he was mesmerised to actually be sat next to santa, it was lovely to watch. We all squeezed in for a family picture and then went through to collect the gift from santa which I think is really good! The kids get a build a bear in which they can pick from a Choice and then another gift from the elf shop.

Our hands were so frozen at the end of the experience so we went and had a hot chocolate in the cafe and Joshua had a quick play in the soft play which topped off an amazing day.

We were officially ready for Christmas.

I highly recommend this experience, it's far better than just a quick trip to go and see santa. The whole farm is transformed into and amazing Christmas setting and I challenge you to go and not come out feeling festive and singing Christmas songs. I will most defiantly be back next year with another long list of presents for santa to deliver. I would like to take this moment to thank santa for delivering that Xbox and Hatchimal 2 presents that I've never seen Joshua so excited over and ones I will never get the thanks for haha!!

Marsh Farm has many great events all year which can be found here -

It's also a great day out for the kids with loads of great animals and inside entertainment too.

I've spent many days down there with Joshua and intend to spend many more!

Outfit details -

Hat - Topshop

Jumper - Missguided

Jeans - Topshop

Boots - Zara

Blazer - H&M X Balmain




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