My Trip To Harley Academy Clinics 💙

Last week I made a trip to Harley Academy Clinics to finally get sorted an issue that has been bugging me for so long. Being a model I often over examine my face, especially with all these beautiful women covering my Instagram it's hard not to. However the one thing I wanted to see if I could sort out was lines above my smile lines, I know we all have those but mine were deeper and more visibal and wanted to find out if there was anything that could be done. I guessed just putting some filler in there would solve the issue but seems I was wrong, I had the amazing Dr Qian and she explained that in order to lift those lines I needed to lift from the peach of my cheek as unfortunately with age faces naturally drop. Sob. I was a bit weary as I have seen a lot of filled faces in my time and cheek filler for me was really noticeable! However I was assured this wouldn't happen and it would be a case of 'oh you look great' without actually knowing I had anything done. I has 0.5 ml in each cheek and I can see a difference, it is subtle as I requested but I can see my face has lifted and appears more youthful, and who wouldn't want that! I would highly recommend Harley Academy Clinic as they really listened to my needs, put me at ease and didn't want to just pump my face full of filler, I am so happy with the results so far and will now always head back there for any future issues I have, I mean I will do the best to stop the aging process!!  





Before - after 

Such a subtle but amazing difference 😊 

Head to their website Now  

0203 884 3246 



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