New year New me...and all that!

I have started having some treatments done with  Louise who owns @loulabell79 and I am so excited to see the results! It will take a while but I wanted to document it from the start and let you know a little more about the treatments I am having done as I have been inundated with questions since I posted on Sunday 😊 

I have started the cyro freeze treatment because my legs are a cm different in size. I snapped my knee cap in half at 21, and that leg has always suffered since as I had to rely on the one leg to get me about, that has now become annoyingly very strong, if you know me I will often reference my skinny leg! This treatment along with a sculpting treatment is to help get my legs back to being the same size, and this will take a while but I can’t to show you before and after pictures!

I am also having the facelift of the future because who can resist any form of treatment that is going to slow down the ageing process!!! Every little helps ! 

I have put all details below of treatments and Louise’s prices and would like to add how Amazing she is and so lovely!! 

Louise is also giving £20 off cellulite treatment & £30 off Brazilian butt lift, buy a course of face lift of the future treatment & get x3 Brazilian butt lift treatments free, half price fat freeze treatment. Until end of January. 

The areas she is currently covering - 

Monday- mobile covering Maidstone surrounding areas. Tuesday- clinic day at TANZ beauty Bromley. Wednesday - mobile covering Essex soon. Thursday- clinic day up 2 scratch laser & clinic Gravesend. Friday- mobile covering Surrey Saturday - Varys Here is a breakdown of the treatments 😊 

Face lift of the future 

The face lift of the future is FDA approved, this treatment combines radio frequency with pulses magnetic fields to stimulate the collagen. Magnetic pulses are tiny electrical signals that stimulates fibroblasts and cellular repair. Fibroblasts produce collagen and we age this process slows down. By stimulating fibroblasts we speed up the skin rejuvenation activity. Currently this is the only advanced skin care technology offering this effective scientific combination. The non invasive and non surgical face lift ensures a relaxing treatment with no association side effects. Idea for those on the go clients as it can be squeezed into your lunch break. After a thorough consultation, the skin is gently cleansed and a glycerin gel applied to allow the hand piece to effortlessly glide over the skin. You'll experience a gentle warm sensation on the skin which many clients find very relaxing. Produces new fibroblasts Skin rejuvenation Jowl lift Chin reduction Boost Collagen & elastin Fines lines & wrinkles Neck tightening Minimise pores The face lift of the future £80 per treatment recommended 6 treatment. Pay for 5 get 6th treatment free. Cryo Fat Freeze 

Cryo fat freeze treatment is £199 for 2 areas. ( two cups) Cryo freeze known as cryolipoysis fat freezing. This is a non invasive non surgical treatment to sculpture your body by using a cooling process from -5c up to -7,-8,-9,-10c depends on fat content and area treated. An anti freeze membrane pad is placed on the desired area to protect the skin. In the one hour treatment the fat pockets die & over a course of 8-12 weeks our body naturally flushes the dead fat cells through the lynthatic system. You are advised to drink 2litres of water a day to help speed the process. Clients can notice a slight difference with in 4 weeks. Recommend between 2-6 treatments depending of fat thinkness. A Taylor made plan will be discussed in your free consultation. Only x3 areas in one session can be treated and must have a follow up check after 4 weeks. Areas Upper & lower stomach Hips Back Upper arm Inner & outer thigh Under butt Cavitation/radio frequency treatment. The only advanced non invasive & no. Surgical technology to tighten skin, boost collagen & elastin, cellulite free, smooth skin, Brazilian butt lift, fat reduction. £80 per treatment per area. Cavitation/radio frequency give deep controlled heating of the fatty layers under the skin, which means the superficial fatty deposits are broken down & drained through the lynthatic system. Recommend ‪6/10‬ treatments depending on each area.

For more info you can call Louise direct at ‪07957 924 525‬. 

Give her a follow in Instagram to - @loulabell79 

I will keep you guys updated throughout 💞💞



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