My new Smile Journey with Your Smile Direct

So I’ve had a issue with my bottom teeth for ages, they are wonky and I always noticed them when I smiled, even though other people said otherwise! So I decided to do something about it! I found a great company called Your smile Direct to create my new smile, they made it so easy for me to organise, and before I knew it my retainers arrived and my smile journey began.

They send home impression kits so if you lead a busy life like me you don’t even have to get to the dental practice, it can all be done from home 😊 

I am currently half way through my treatment and I can see such a massive difference! I will be updating this weekly from now on as I can really see the change in my smile and I can not be happier! You do have to be very strict with yourself and wear the retainer 22 hours a day which isn’t as hard as it sounds, it’s actually helped me cut down on snacking too!

 Here’s my before and after picture now that I am half way through the 8 month treatment - 

It’s only when I saw my before picture I’ve realised how much they have moved 😊 

To start your own smile journey it for more info you can head to YourSmileDirect and you can always drop me an email for any questions I would be happy to answer them!! 

Naomi x 


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