My Herbalife Nutrition Journey

About a month ago I decided to give Herbalife Nutrition a try, I had been seeing this all over Instagram and wondered for a while if it was the right thing to do for me, as I’ve never really been a fan of shakes and meal replacements. Then I realised, wait, I don’t even eat meals to replace! Then I had the realisation that I need to seriously sort out my diet!! I live such a busy life and looking after my body is the last thing on my list, I’m up at 6am every day and do not return until 6.30pm, throughout the day I snack on biscuits and chocolate, I have a junk food lunch and then when I get home I sort Joshua out, do my chores, that takes me to about 8.30 and the last thing I want to do is cook a meal. So, I would normally have tea and biscuits and then go to bed, then I would wake up and start the cycle again. I feel guilty with what I’m feeding my body!! With a few holidays coming up and the fact I’ve had enough of feeling sluggish and no energy I decided to give this a go. I spoke to a lovely Herbalife Nutrition coach called Joanne on the phone who explained it all to me, as I most definitely have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to making shakes! She guided me though what was best for me and with that a couple days later my shakes and tea arrives to my door. She recommended the tea as an alternative to caffeine drinks which would also help with any lulls in energy. So, I must be honest, for the first week it sat on the side in my kitchen. I kept looking at it every morning and just thought ‘nope don’t have time for this’ then went on my way, however this is the thing to SAVE time, a quick shake in the morning, which I got advised to have an hour within waking up, as usually I would wait to get to work then probably get a very sweet coffee and feel sick and end up not eating! So my Herbalife Nutrition journey begun, and I never thought I could feel as energetic as I have and I feel so much better in myself. I was not doing this to lose weight, but I do also feel a bit tighter in areas! I found what worked for me and stuck with it. I have a shake in the morning, which is surprisingly filling! I also have a fruit tea, which I have when I get to work and fight the temptation of a caramel latte on the walk up to my office! I am then ok until lunch, which I eat what I want but healthy options, a cooked meal though as I know I won’t be having that in the evening through my pure laziness haha! I snack of course because are you even human if you don’t, but on healthy snacks and fruit and then once I’m home and put Joshua to bed I have another shake for my dinner. The one thing I really noticed in this is that lull after lunch was gone! I literally have fallen asleep in my make up artists chair before when having my make-up topped up after lunch, I know this is because I don’t get enough sleep as-well but it’s definitely also to do with how bad my diet was and all the junk food just making me feel sluggish. I now definitely feel more energised. I have finally realised that shakes are amazing and have helped me a lot with my lifestyle! It wasn’t about losing weight or a quick fix, I wanted to change up my lifestyle and start living a healthier life and I really believe I am now on track, one other bonus is I feel my mood has lifted a lot too!! If you want to change up your lifestyle honestly, I recommend Herbalife Nutrition, don’t keep putting it off like I did, as my only regret is I didn’t start it sooner!! You can find all info Here You will then find contact with a local adviser who will give you a one on one and help you with your plan. Xx 


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